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Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park™ “PNMP” will be the first of its kind in the Northwest - a Country Club for motoring enthusiasts - including sports cars, race cars, and motorcycles. Just as a golf country club centers its activities on a golf course, this club centers around a road racing course that is being designed and built for fun and competition. Located on approximately 700 acres, 6.0+ mile road course will be made up of three tracks interconnected: an east track, west track, north track, and full track. Think of PNMP as a place that its members go to satisfy their "want to open up their throttle and let it rip and have fun". Many people own a sport or high performance car, or even a vintage race car. PNMP is a place to explore the potential of these cars and for the drivers to develop and practice their skills. PNMP will offer convenience and accessibility for its members who are able to treat performance driving as a sport or a hobby.

Practice driving skills on one of three road racing courses being designed: a 2 mile North, a 2.21 mile West, 2.05 mile East courses. There will be total of eight configurations from 2 miles to approx. 6.05 miles [see preliminary track designs].

  • Attend performance and safety driving schools at all levels
  • Conduct a business meeting, and take your client for hot laps
  • Store your automobile at the club
  • Have your car professionally maintained at the club.
  • Participate in fun competitive racing
  • Own your own garage suite lot and build your own facility located directly on the course

The over all facility also will be home to numerous sports car and motorcycle related businesses catering to the enthusiasts.

PNMP will exist primarily for the enjoyment of its members, but a limited amount of time will also be made available to car clubs for their events, corporate events, as well as professional Motorsports sanctioned events.

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please contact one of our representatives.

Billie Jean Morris 
phone: 541-481-7000 

mobile: 541-561-4998

Mike Silcox 
phone: 541-481-7000 
mobile: 503-636-5860

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