Corp Founder Diamond Junior
1. Road Course Driving Time on all Member Days Blacktop Fee of $150 Per Day        
2. Driving Privileges include Member and Spouse. $150 Per Day        

3. Licensing Orientation Classes for Members Guests


4. Professional Corner Workers, Stewards & Course Marshall Included        
5. Professional EMT Service During All Driving Times Included        
6. Emergency MediVac Service & On-Site Helipad Included        
7. Security Guards provided 24 hours per day Included        
8. In-House Towing or Flat Bed Included        
9. Annual Full-Tech Vehicle Inspections (quarterly) Included        
10. Advanced Instruction Time Included        
11. Daily Paddock Use by “Member Number” Reserved Front Rows Included        
12. Daily Motorcoach/Trailer Parking Lot Use by “Member Number” Reserved Locations Included        
13. Motorcoach/Trailer Electrical Power Hook-Up Connection by “Member Number” Included        
14. Personal Charge Privileges with backup Credit Card for all Members Yes        
15. Security Bar-Coded, Photo ID Membership Card for all Members Yes        
16. Executive Lounge & Communications Center in Clubhouse, upon completion Included        
17. Daily Exercise Room in Clubhouse, upon completion Included        
18. Video Game Room Use in Clubhouse, upon completion Included        
19. Private Self-Service Fuel Depot (fuel prices apply) Yes        
20. Private Self-Service Car Wash Stand Included        
21. Canteen Pro Shop Courtesy Discount Privileges 20% discount        
22. Golf Privileges at local courses Discounted fees        
23. Pool & Poolhouse Facilities Included        
24. Walking & Fitness Included        
25. Picnic Area & Children’s Playground Included        
26. Use of Event Garages on Club Driving Days Included        
27. Discounts on all Racing & Driving School at PNMP 20% discount        
28. Personal Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park™ Accessory & Clothing Package (logo) 20% discount        
29. Courtesy Shuttle Service between Tri Cities and Pendleton Airports and PNMP Included        
30. Special Karting Days

$50 per day

31. Concierge Service by Club Executive provided during peak driving season Included        
32. Service Desk for local motels, restaurants, recreational activities Included        
33. Courtesy Access to Technical & Driving Experts for Q & A Advice Included        
34. Private Website Access - 1st Alert of all special events & activities Included        
36. First Preference for Booking Business Functions (schedule prices apply based on Member Number) Yes        
37. VIP Club Membership Parking on Public Event Days Included        

Note: Subject to change without notice.
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For additional information about our Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park services,
please contact one of our representatives.

Billie Jean Morris 
phone: 541-481-7000 

mobile: 541-561-4998

Mike Silcox 
phone: 541-481-7000 
mobile: 503-636-5860

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