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Corporate Membership License Application
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Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park

Corporate Membership License Application

A Corporate Membership
has 4 designated members from one company.
Initiation Fee $100,000             Annual Dues $12,000

Please print 4 copies of this form,
one for each of the four corporate members

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State / Province
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Vehicle Information
Make and Model of car(s)
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Daily Unlimited Track Time
Members will be able to hot lap, perform car testing or practice for a race.  20 minute sessions will run throughout the day. Run groups will be determined as needed by the track manager.

Family Members
All memberships include your spouse.  There will be a charge for guests other than your spouse.         

Dues Will Not be Raised
There will be a cap on the amount of annual dues charged for the first Three years of operations. (2009, 2010,2011) 

Transfer Membership
You have the ability to transfer a Country Club Membership to a new member (subject to club approval) and to retain 30% of the proceeds           


Guest Driving Privileges
There will be an entrance fee and driving fee for Country Club members guests. Guests will be allowed to drive during touring sessions. Touring sessions are controlled speed lapping and include a pace car.  These sessions allow your guests to safely experience the track. Members who have achieved instructor level status may let their guests hot lap. During these hot lap sessions the Country Club member must be in the car with the guest.  There will be limits as to the number of sessions a guest may drive.  Instructor level members may have passengers at any time subject to passenger age limits.

Clubhouse (Phase 2)
The Clubhouse will be for mingling, networking, relaxing or dining. The planned permanent Clubhouse will include a restaurant, bar, condo/hotel suites and banquet facilities for weddings and holiday parties. There will also be corporate meeting rooms available. You will enjoy full access to locker rooms to change clothes, shower and prepare for your next fun activity.

Note: Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park, LLC. reserves the right to refuse any membership application with or without a reason. Your submission of this form indicates you have read and agree to our Track and Club Rules, and our Membership Agreement.

Warning: Motorsports activities can be dangerous. These activities can result in injury or even death.
All, members and their guests will be required to sign waivers to indemnify Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park, LLC., all its managers, members, consultants, employees, and all other participants related to Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park, LLC.

Billie Jean Morris 
phone: 541-481-7000 

mobile: 541-561-4998

Mike Silcox 
phone: 541-481-7000 
mobile: 503-636-5860

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